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Dr. Lotay


Dr. Lotay is originally from the East Kootenays and obtained her medical degree from the University of Alberta with distinction and a gold medal in Surgery. She has been serving patients in Kamloops for over two decades. Her love of visual arts and proficiency in surgery led to her pursuing a career in aesthetic medicine. In 2001 she completed a Private Practice Fellowship in Philadelphia with Dr. Alan Wulc a well known and respected Oculoplastic surgeon. Dr. Lotay balances the pursuit of beautifying techniques with safe, scientific and evidence-based interventions…


L.P.N. Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Theresa graduated from her LPN with distinction and her career has encompassed many aspects of nursing. She is committed to educating herself, her patients, and has taught many new nurses during her time as an Instructor at Sprott Shaw Care Aid and Practical Nursing Programs where she focused on instilling an attitude of lifetime learning. Sona MD has been proud to support Theresa in continuing to provide mentorship to new nurses in the field…


Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Whether it’s exploring fitness and health regimens, researching new skincare ingredients, or tinkering with digital applications, Faith has a knack for figuring out how things work. She utilizes this skill to continuously perfect Sona MD’s clinical operations and patient care. We love her attention to detail…