no SURGERY, no downtime

Non Surgical FACE LIFT



Advances in technology and Medical Aesthetics have allowed for the delivery of near surgical results for many aesthetic concerns. Using a comprehensive, individualized approach allows us to replace volume where it is lost with Dermal Fillers, and increase elasticity and tightness of the skin with Morpheus8 and SKINTYTE II when sagginess, jowling and laxity of the neck area is experienced. Neuromodulators such as Botox help with dynamic wrinkling, while laser resurfacing with Halo can dramatically improve skin pigmentation, eliminate sunspots and create a more even and youthful skintone.  The result is a natural, rejuvenated, and refreshed look, with no surgery and minimal downtime.  

Changes in facial volume and fat accumulation result in the suggestion of sagginess, sadness, tiredness or can even result in an unapproachable or unpleasantly firm look. Many people experience this change in appearance, and seek care because they want their external appearance to align with how they feel. Looking approachable, happy, vibrant and healthy without surgery is a goal we have the expertise to help you achieve.

Our 360 approach to Aesthetics and facial rejuvenation depends on an individualized, bespoke assessment and plan, based on the science of ageing – paired with expert techniques delivered with care and precision.

We use various assessment tools and non-surgical skills that we have perfected over decades. Although MD Codes is one of the approaches we employ, we also use numerous other methods of facial restructuring and rejuvenating. Just as each face is unique, so is the treatment plan. This approach is what allows us to deliver the natural looking results we are known for.

*Disclaimer: Any before and after images, testimonials and results claims on this site are only examples for informational purpose and never to be used as warranty of guarantee of outcome. Each individual will have varied results based on their needs, medical record and circumstances.
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